UTRGV students share science knowledge with children at museum event

UTRGV students contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to organizations for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. But community engagement isn’t limited to one day. It’s an ongoing priority for students and the university. UTRGV has been really good at giving so many opportunities here to the community. Viviana Quintero was one of the students who presented at the Microbiology Day event at the Children’s Museum of Brownsville last semester. It’s a way of giving back so that’s something that I truly like. As part of a course led by UTRGV assistant professor Dr. Upal Roy, Quintero and her classmates shared their science lessons with children. We’re all just kind of teaching the kids about bacteria, and why it’s important to stay clean, why it’s important to wash your hands. What we learn in the class, that knowledge should be shared with the community. We truly love it. It is very engaging and rewarding I would say for the community, for the museum. Some are parents who are homeschooling their kids, they literally started taking notes, their contact information. As the presentations were service-learning projects, children and families weren’t the only ones benefitting from the experience. UTRGV students learned to simply scientific concepts to explain to children and collected feedback from families. Because it’s always a two-way street. Whenever we share the information with them, we also learn a lot from them. The assistant professor said his students also enjoyed seeing how their knowledge can help others. Whatever they’re learning in the class, they are seeing the direct application to the community. Several UTRGV courses include service-learning components. Students can keep track of their service-learning hours and see upcoming volunteer opportunities on the UTRGV Engagement Zone website. For more information, visit E-Z dot U-T-R-G-V dot E-D-U. (swoosh) (swoosh)

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