Using Screensets in Logic Pro X – Logic Pro X Tutorial – Soundgrains

Using Screensets in Logic Pro X – Logic Pro X Tutorial – Soundgrains

Hi everyone. I’m Hector and you’re watching a video
by Soundgrains. In today’s video, we’ll be using screen sets in Logic Pro
X to speed up your workflow. Screen sets are used to save the layout of
your windows including the display size, zoom levels, positions
and other settings. Once you have created your screen sets, you can switch between your screen sets with the alpha numeric keys 1 to 9. When you start a new session, you will be working in screen set 1. To create your second screen set, press the number 2 key on your computer keyboard. This will create and bring up screen set 2. Rearrange your windows to your liking and you can switch back to screen set 1 by pressing the number 1 key on your computer
keyboard. One useful screen set config is to have your main window on screenset 1 and the dedicated mixer window on screenset
2. The current screen set is reflected in the
menubar. Clicking on the menubar item will display all created screen sets and several options to duplicate, rename, and
delete your screen sets. You can lock the current screen set to prevent unwanted changes during use. You can create screen sets 1 to 99 in each
project. Recall screen sets 1 to 9 with the alpha numeric keys 1 to 9. Hold down the control key when recalling screen sets that are double digits. You can import screen sets from another Logic Pro X project by going to File ->Project Settings ->Import Project
Settings. Here are some ideas for creating screensets. Create a new project with your most used screen
sets and save it as a template. Use this template for your new project to
save time creating screen sets with each new project. Save your project as a template by choosing File ->Save as Template. Create screen sets as you work on your project. An example of a useful screen set would be to display your plug-in windows for your vocal processing chain. This saves time opening each plug-in window
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2 thoughts on “Using Screensets in Logic Pro X – Logic Pro X Tutorial – Soundgrains

  • February 5, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    How many of you know of and have been using screen sets? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from everyone. Like this video if you found this video useful.

  • May 18, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Just discovered screensets after years of using logic. Does having multiple screensets (5+) interfere with CPU and processing usage? Does deleting screensets ruin progress or is it just one cumulative session where if deleting one screenset doesn’t affect something you’ve done on another screenset?


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