Twins on a Deadly Rampage | Caught on Camera: The Untold Stories

Twins on a Deadly Rampage | Caught on Camera: The Untold Stories

NARRATOR: They run right
into traffic repeatedly. It’s just
unbelievable to watch. NARRATOR: It’s disturbing
video viewed by millions. It defies any
logical explanation. NARRATOR: Dark twists. DAVID CANN (VOICEOVER):
They’re accused of murder. NARRATOR: Troubling rumors. MAN (VOICEOVER): Conspiracy
theories, cover-ups. NARRATOR: What’s the real
story behind these women’s bizarre behavior? It’s disturbing, and
it’s endlessly fascinating. 40-year-old
identical twins from Sweden wandered out onto one
of Britain’s busiest motorways. NARRATOR: The
shocking story begins on Saturday, May 17,
2008, on the M6 Highway near Liverpool, England. Cameras capture
something alarming– two women walking in the
middle of the highway, dangerously close to
speeding cars and trucks. [HORN HONKS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Then, both women suddenly
jump the median and run headfirst into the fast lane. [TIRES SQUEALING] Incredibly, neither
one of them appears to be seriously injured. Then, all hell breaks loose. Both women dash into
traffic a second time. Hurling themselves literally
onto a highway with– with cars barreling
down the road. What would possibly
compel anyone to do this? NARRATOR: It’s a
nightmarish scene. One woman is run over by a
semi truck, the other slams into a car’s windshield. [WINDSHIELD SHATTERING] And yet somehow, they’re
both still alive. The superhuman strength
is very alarming. NARRATOR: Police soon
learn that the women are twin sisters, twins
who seem to be invincible. Astonishingly, within minutes
of being knocked unconscious, one of them gets up again. If you’ve just run into
the highway and been smashed, how is it possible
that they can get up from that kind of assault? NARRATOR: Adding to
the mayhem, the twins begin hitting and spitting
at police officers and screaming about
people not being real. Delusional words. “They’re going to kill me. They’re going to
steal your organs.” NARRATOR: What is behind
this bizarre behavior? 45 minutes after it all begins,
the twins are finally sedated and taken to the hospital. But who are these women? And what are they
doing on that motorway? As video of the twins throwing
themselves into traffic goes viral, everyone struggles
to make sense of the madness. What the hell were
they running from? NARRATOR: Police
identify the twins as Sabina and Ursula Eriksson. They learn that on May 16, the
twins, who were born in Sweden, traveled to England
from Ireland. Ursula, who was living
in the US at the time, is in Ireland
visiting Sabina, who lives there with her partner. At 8:30 AM on May 17, the twins
stop into the St. Ann Police Station in Liverpool, England. They report concerns about the
safety of Sabina’s children back in Ireland. But when police call
Sabina’s partner in Ireland, he says he has no idea
what they’re talking about, and the children are fine. Just seven hours
later, at 3:30 PM, the twins are hurling
themselves into traffic. [SIREN BLARING] By 11:00 PM that
evening, even though she was struck by two cars
and knocked unconscious, Sabina is chatting
calmly with police. One minute she’s
spewing rage, and the next minute it’s like lah-de-dah. NARRATOR: Her sister
Ursula is hospitalized in critical condition. But Sabina is released
from the hospital after just five
hours, then taken into custody for
assaulting an officer and trespassing on the highway. She tells police very
little, and they’re stumped. There’s no indication
that the sisters have any prior criminal
history or mental illness, and blood tests reveal no
signs of drugs or alcohol. There’s delusional affect
that is going on here, and you wonder, where
does that come from? NARRATOR: On May 19, Sabina
pleads guilty to trespassing. She’s sentenced to
one day in custody and is quickly released. No psychiatric evaluation
is ever performed. After what has just
occurred, how do you let her go without at
least doing some kind of mental status exam? NARRATOR: Later that night,
around 9:00 PM, Sabina is spotted standing outside
a church in the town of Stoke-on-Trent
by two local men, 54-year-old Glenn Hollinshead
and his friend Peter Malloy. Sabina seems distressed. She tells the strange men that
her sister is in the hospital, and she needs to find her. Glenn’s brother works
at the hospital, so he offers to help Sabina. She follows the men
back to Glenn’s house so they can figure things out. But something about
Sabina seems off. According to Peter, he decides
to leave, but Sabina stays. Glenn tells her she can crash
at his place for the night. The next afternoon, a neighbor
says Glenn stops by asking to borrow some teabags. Glenn says he’ll be
right back for them, but that never happens. A few minutes
later, CCTV cameras capture an image of Sabina. That’s when a 17-year-old
boy named Josh spots her. Josh is in a car
with his mother. He asks her to pull over
and jumps out to help. As Josh wrestles the
hammer away from Sabina, she pulls a roof tile
out of her pocket. Sabina jumps into traffic again. This time, she breaks both
ankles and fractures her skull. The bizarre story takes
an even more tragic turn, when Glenn Hollinshead
is pronounced dead before an ambulance can
even get him to a hospital. Sabina and Ursula are now
both in intensive care. What is it about these twins? They had this fight in them,
a kind of primitive rage. They’re intent seemingly
on causing destruction. NARRATOR: Is their mysterious
rampage finally over? Or is there still more to come? Tonight, a Swedish
woman, who ran into the path of oncoming
traffic on the M6 motorway and later killed a man, has
pleaded guilty to manslaughter. NARRATOR: In September
2009, Sabina Eriksson is sentenced to five
years for the murder of Glenn Hollinshead. Her twin Ursula is never
charged with a crime. She’s released from the
hospital four months after the sisters fling
themselves onto that highway and immediately heads to Sweden. Will we ever understand the
story behind their madness? But why? Author David Cann, who wrote
a book about the twins, believes there’s
some kind of cover-up involved, with connections
to the police themselves. Cann bases his theory
on what he calls “a series of green
lights,” where police keep giving the sisters a break. On May 17, 2008, just
a few hours before the crazy motorway scene,
the twins are kicked off a bus for strange behavior. But even though police are told
the sisters might have a bomb, they hardly ask
them any questions. Cann also wants to know why
Sabina wasn’t held longer after the motorway madness. Some people have suggested
that maybe the twins were part of some
top secret government experiment on mind control. But at Sabina’s trial, the
theory that’s presented is that Sabina was mentally ill
at the time of Glenn’s murder. The defense argues
that the twins were inflicted with
a rare disorder that causes temporary madness. Folie á deux, madness of
two literally from the French, is a shared psychotic disorder. Psychotic delusions
from one person are transmitted to another. One sister is literally
influencing the other. NARRATOR: It’s a
fascinating theory, but a controversial one. There really is just
anecdotal evidence that this is what is going on. Anything is possible, but my
first inclination is to ask. They’re running right into
danger, but what are they, in fact, actually running from? NARRATOR: Could the sisters’
inexplicable behavior be driven by some kind
of trouble in their past? David Cann reports
that the twins had a difficult
upbringing in Sweden and were exposed to
alcoholism and abuse. This is the kind
of environment where rage can develop
because if you’re mistreated, that can build up a
rage inside of you. You incubate that rage,
keep it under wraps, you know, as long as possible. Sometimes a match gets lit
to it and bad things happen. NARRATOR: After her release
from prison in 2011, Sabina disappears. Ursula is believed to be
living quietly in the US. The sisters have
never spoken publicly about their
unforgettable rampage, and they may be the
only ones who will ever know the truth behind it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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