TI-36X PRO: Solve Linear, Quadratic, or Cubic Equations

TI-36X PRO: Solve Linear, Quadratic, or Cubic Equations

Hi it’s Carlea McAvoy. Today I want to
show you how to solve linear equations, quadratic equations and cubic equations
using the ti-36x Pro. So first of all for linear equations you’re going to be
using the number – solve button just above the sign button here as a second
function. So go ahead and press 2nd function and the sign button and that’s
gonna let you set up the equation. It’s going to ask you to enter what you want to
enter. So notice down here below the x squared button we have a variable button.
It doesn’t matter what variable your problem has you can just use x and then
substitute the other variable and when you’re done but you could push this
button until you get through all the choices but I’m just gonna use x. So I
have 2 and then the variable button 2x – 5 and then I’m going to use my
arrow button over here to get to the other side of the equation and I jump
over the equal sign and then 5x – 11 and then I just hit enter and hit enter
one more time and one more time and it tells me that x=2 and what they’re
saying in that bottom statement is that if you subtract the left fromthe right
you get 0 because if the two things are equal you should get you 0 all
around right? What I want to warn you about the ti-36x Pro is if you have
equations that have infinite number of solutions or no solution it does not do
those for you. So it’ll just show like it looks like x=0 so if I put tha,t
let’s say I put 3x=3x and what you should be able to see is that if I
put x=1 then I have 3=3 if x was 2, I’d have 6=6 and so forth
so any real number could make this true and so if I wanted to put that in the
calculator it wouldn’t show me all real numbers also I want to
remind you to clear this out because it stores value
so in order to clear out you’re going to push the on button at the bottom in the
Clear button twice and what that does is it just clears your memory. Then I can go
back and do second function the number solve and enter the equation. So if I
enter 3x and then jump over the equal sign with the arrow then enter 3x again
hit enter, enter, enter and it just shows me x=zero and solve again. So it
does not solve the ones where there is no solution or where there’s
all real numbers or solutions, that’s not going to tell you anything. Okay the
next kind is solving a quadratic and that one is the poly solve button that’s
above the cosine button on your calculator. Again I’m gonna clear all
this out and then I’m going to hit second function, poly solve and there you
can see the cubic or the quadratic equations are there. I’m gonna hit enter
for the quadratic which is second power equation and then I enter the a,b and c
remember that your a is the value next to the x squared term, your b is the
value next to the second x term and then the constant term is your c. So our a
is 1. Hit enter or arrow down. b is negative 1, hit enter and C is negative
6. Make sure you’re not using the minus sign for the negative you’re using that
negative sign at the bottom of the calculator for your negative and then
hit enter, enter and it’s going to show you x=-1 hit enter again
and x=3 so you have two different values for that and then if you want to
see that in vertex form remember what vertex form is, like this, you can take in
that form you can go over to see these arrows over here, go scroll down and it
will say do you want to store the variable number one which I don’t you
want to store variable number two which I don’t
the third one says do you want to see it in the function form, I hit yes and now
it tells me that a is actually one. That h is 1/2 and k is negative 25/4. Now
I could clean that up if I wanted but it gives you those values directly from
that and third then if I wanted to do a cubic equation I would do the same
button. I’m gonna hit on and clear a couple of times to clear that memory and
then second function poly solve, go down one to cubic and it’s gonna ask you to
enter your a which in this case is 2. b is -3. c is -3 there’s no
d here so I’m gonna enter 0 for that and then hit solve, hit solve again and it
starts giving me my values and these values are decimal numbers. So if you
need a fraction it would take a little more effort to get to those but
it’s gonna give you the first value, the second value, the third value because
there’s three different values there. All right have a fantastic day. We’ll see you
next time.

6 thoughts on “TI-36X PRO: Solve Linear, Quadratic, or Cubic Equations

  • April 13, 2019 at 8:08 pm

    Thank you. It's much easier to learn how to solve algebraic equations by watching this video, than it is to understand the TI-36 manual.

  • July 22, 2019 at 2:07 am

    This is the best video I've found on this topic. Thank you.

  • September 25, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    X^2-X-6 : solutions are : x1= -2 and x2= 3….instead of -1 and 3 in your video.
    Nevertheless great video!!

  • November 7, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    So how do you show those decimal values in fraction form?

  • November 18, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    Do NOT clear memory! –you may clear other answers that were saved in other calculations. 

    Instead, simply hit the "Clear" BUTTON on the top-right of your keypad if you're working in the Solver. Regards. /Lonewolf

  • January 24, 2020 at 12:08 am

    great video, thank you!


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