The number one way to set targets in business – J.R. Fisher

The number one way to set targets in business – J.R. Fisher

the number one way to set targets in
business now we all know that if you don’t have a target it’s kind of hard to
hit it but the thing is how do you set these targets how do you know what to do
in this video I’m going to show you how to set these business targets and help
you hit them and we’re starting right now hey J.R. Fisher here if you’re new to
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products and I’ve learned a lot in all those years as a matter of fact we have
our own branded products on thousands of websites including Walmart ok so we can
teach you how to start run and grow your business on this channel stay tuned for
all that now let’s jump in to this training but before I do I want to hear
your comments have you set targets in the past is it something you’ve already
done or maybe you’ve missed some put your comments below I want to hear that
and to help you out a little bit more and to reward you for watching this
video in the comment section below I have put a link and that link will take
you to a $97 course to get for free 0 you can get it for 0 that’s really good
so make sure you click on that link now let’s jump into finding those targets
and hitting them now setting business goals in a corporate setting is a common
practice it’s something you know I did for years I was in the automotive
industry and I was involved in the sales end and we always had to set different
types of goals and different type of projections that type of thing and it
was for many reasons it was for bonuses it was to keep people motivated
it kind of gave them an idea of what was expected okay if you don’t set these
goals for yourself and your business you know what are you expecting of yourself
as I sit right now there’s a ring like right in front of me and there’s a goal
that is on the ring light so I have to look at it the whole time so post these
dolls in different places too once you figure them out now if you
don’t have experience in the corporate world or if you don’t have experience in
business doing sales or something like that you may have a hard time setting
these goals and that’s why I did this video number one define specific goals
okay so if you’re trying to hit a particular sales number you’re more
likely to hit that sales number if you say what the sales number is you can’t
say we want to sell more next month I mean that’s great but how much is more a
dollar is more right $10,000 is more so what you want to do is you want to say
specifics you want to say I want to earn $50,000 a month that is my goal that’s
what I want to do that way you know when you got there and when you get there you
can move the goalposts right you can go for 60,000 70,000 whatever it is and you
don’t have to start that high you know maybe your goal is just to make a
hundred dollars this month online and once you make that hundred dollars maybe
you move it to a thousand five thousand ten thousand but make it specific number
two is commit to your goals now what I mean by commit is you don’t give up okay
you don’t quit til you get there you don’t quit you don’t quit this is
probably 99% of the failures online is people quitting they probably would have
really succeeded if they just not stopped I know in the beginning I
started selling cell phone cases and I didn’t do well okay I wasn’t making
money and I kept doing it anyhow and I kept doing it because I wanted to figure
out how to sell stuff online now I ultimately quit selling cell phone cases
but I didn’t quit selling online what that did
was that taught me how to sell stuff online I uncovered stuff I learned how
to post products online I learn how to write descriptions I learned how to
price things I learned how to ship things out I learned from all of this
product that I sold and I didn’t make money on but it led me to the next
product which was camping goods which led me to the next product which was
survival food from another company which led me to another product which was my
own brand of survival food and I still have that to this day and it all started
with cell phone cases so my point to you is don’t quit trying to make money
online you may have to switch products a couple times you may have to switch
platforms where you’re selling it but don’t quit number three make your goals
you’re not gonna like this public that’s right tell your friends and family what
you’re gonna do tell them that you’re gonna sell something online that you’re
gonna make ten thousand dollars a month or whatever and then accept that crazy
look that they’re gonna give you which they will because they haven’t done it
but the point is if you make these things public people are gonna be
watching you they’re gonna be put a little pressure on you when you said
you’re gonna do this are you really gonna do it when you have those people
and when you have those expectations it tends to keep you in the game longer and
it tends to make you do things you wouldn’t normally do so that you can
achieve the goals so yeah make them public number four is set a deadline now
the deadline can be a week a month a year whatever it is but you’re not gonna
be able to achieve that goal or hit that target unless you have a deadline now
most people don’t want to do a deadline they just don’t why because they think
what if I don’t hit it I’ll look bad you could that could happen but at least if
you set that deadline it’s gonna motivate you to work that much harder to
actually hit it and you will start hitting some your deadlines you will do
that okay I know I think about different courses I’ve done in different products
I’ve sold and you know we’ve hit some really cool things so
we did one day when he did a hundred thousand dollars a day in survival food
that was great we don’t do that a day right now but we hit that and that was a
pretty cool goal my goal also was to sell a certain amount of courses one
Clickbank and we hit that goal and that’s pretty exciting and my wife does
dog training and her goal was to have people sign up for a continuity course
and she hit that goal and her goal was to write a book and she hit that goal
and all these little goals that you hit along the way they build confidence and
as they build confidence you’re gonna be more likely to set more goals and
achieve more things number six stop and reward yourself yeah I mean if
you hit one of your goals reward yourself go on a trip go out to dinner
stop and talk about it do a video on it you know I see people all the time on
YouTube when they hit a thousand subscribers or ten thousand or whatever
it is they do a video on it they celebrate that goal and that target
being hit so it’s okay to stop and celebrate just don’t stop too long okay
we want a short-time celebration at a long time work but we do want to
celebrate all those other goals and targets that we hit now at this point
you have the key tools that you can use to set targets and hit your goals I want
to talk about it man I heard speak many years ago this is going back into oh my
gosh I hate to admit it the 80s but his name was Lou Holtz Lou Holtz story was
really pretty interesting Lou Holtz was the coach for the 1988 Notre Dame team
that went 12 and 0 with a victory in the Fiesta Bowl and was the consensus
national champion pulse is the only college football coach to lead six
different programs to bowl games and the only coach to guide four different
programs to the final top 20 rankings now Lou Holtz set goals and that’s the
one thing he talked about in a speech where I heard him he talked about goals
he talked about targets he talked about playing fair and you don’t have to cheat
your way to the top you don’t have to lie your way to the top you have to do
any of those things if you just work hard and
provide good content good products whatever it is you’re doing you can hit
a lot of these goals and you can achieve it now I’ve gone through a lot of tools
in this video and I’m curious which ones do you think will work for you which
ones do you think are gonna help you hit your goals and set your targets that’s
really important I want to hear that if you think about how important this is
let’s say and I did this a few years ago I had to drive from Virginia to
California and my goal was to get to California right but I needed a target
okay I had to have a road map how to get there I didn’t just get in the car and
say I’m gonna drive until I get there because that’s how a lot of people live
their lives they say well you know my goal is to have a great YouTube channel
you’re my goal is to sell a lot of stuff online but they never really set up the
target for it they don’t they don’t plan anything out like we’re building our
YouTube channel and I know that I have to do a certain number of videos they
have to be a certain length and I have to devote a day to doing those videos I
batch an out I do them all in one day so if you see some of my videos the same
shirt on it’s because we filmed all those videos the same exact day but I
devote that day to doing that and I know if I upload enough of them and I do
enough of them that you guys are gonna watch them I have enough subscribers and
don’t forget you got to subscribe do that right now
hit that subscribe button down there and don’t forget turn on those occasions
anyhow I know if I do that then I’m gonna reach my goal and I have certain
goals for the channel I have certain goals and sales and also I want to give
you that course don’t forget about that it’s a $97 ecommerce course and you can
find a link below there click on that that’s really important grab that course
it’s free you don’t need a credit card you don’t need you know pay anything you
just click on it and learn so that’s my video on setting goals and hitting your
targets now I want you to put in the comment section what have you tried to
do what did you try that work or there’s certain things that
motivate you because I find there’s certain things that motivate me okay
when I’m trying to hit a goal and maybe it’s subscribers maybe it’s sales
whatever it is but look at your numbers I know I did a training last night a
master class and I didn’t have as many people on it that I wanted but we sold
you know a decent amount of products and what I did was I looked at how many we
sold versus the number of people and that motivated me and so we got a pretty
high percentage of people that actually bought this product so we did good so
you want to look at all those areas that can motivate you a little bit maybe it’s
you know your watch time on your channel maybe it’s the number of subscribers
you’ve gained but look at those things and if you’re not getting the results
you want and change up what you’re doing that’s
it because it’s all doable whatever you want to sell whatever you want to do
online it’s all doable there’s probably somebody out there that already did it
look at those people it’ll motivate you to get going I appreciate you watching
this video and I’ll see you in the next one new videos also click on one of those
videos they’re watching on my channel

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    great post. Above all take action every day on goals

  • January 29, 2020 at 4:30 am

    Now, I want you to put in the comment section what have you tried to do? What did you try that work or there are certain things that motivate you because I find there are certain things that motivate me. Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE.


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