The CL100 Fanless Mini PC from Logic Supply

The CL100 Fanless Mini PC from Logic Supply

With the CL100 we wanted to create a
small, passively cool computer that would make the reliability of industrial
computers accessible to a larger audience. The most striking feature is
just how small it is. Typically, fanless computers have been large, bulky black
boxes, and their size has been dictated by the necessity to dissipate large
amounts of heat. Over the last couple of years the power efficiency of processors
has drastically improved allowing us to now cool them with a smaller surface area. The CL100 found this mini PC really is a great showcase of this technological
advancement. The CL100 is designed for use in industrial environments, so
protection from the elements was always front of mind. The challenge was cooling
the internal components without the need for failure-prone fans or external vents
that might allow airborne contaminants or corrosives in. We chose a motherboard
with the connectivity options most commonly requested. Specifically it needs
to be able to power triple independent displays and offer 4k resolution support.
We also wanted to ensure that we could offer at least a five-year product life
cycle for clients standardizing on this system. Through careful component
selection were also able to offer an optional five-year warranty. During the
development stage, small considerations were made to enhance the user experience. A great example of this is the power button. The power button wraps around the
side of the product to be accessed from the top and the side of the unit. Making
the power button operable from the top and the side of computer enables user to
turn it on even when mounted between a display and a wall. It really is the
little details that count. In the end we want the CL100 to be the go-to
solution for fanless small form-factor computing. We’re excited to see it used by
innovators to create solutions that we could never imagine. The CL100. Anything,

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