Sleep Number 360® i10 Smart Bed

The ultimate in cooling comfort. This is
the i10 Sleep Number 360® smart bed. It has cooling and contouring comfort
layers our most generous combination. You’ll both sleep comfortably with the
temperature balancing layer that adapts to you and even a pressure relieving
support layer that conforms to your unique shape. Like all Sleep Number® beds the i10 adjusts to your ideal firmness, comfort, and support on both sides, your Sleep Number setting. Responsive air technology learns how you sleep and
automatically and effortlessly adjusts to both of you, for a weightless, cooling,
soothing, amazing, night’s sleep. And SleepIQ® technology senses everything you need
for your best sleep ever. You’ll learn the amazing effect on your sleep quality, your SleepIQ® score. The i10 is available in standard Queen and King,
split King to adjust each side independently, or FlexTop King for
adjustability with the feeling of togetherness. Does your bed do that? The
i10 Sleep Number 360® smart bed. Only from Sleep Number.

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