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What up? What up? What up? We’re back again! By ‘We’, it means that only Akshay’s missing. Yeah. In the last quiz, Akshay was… really hurt. That’s why we have Sadhika to replace him. In the first common sense quiz , I gave most of these answers. In the next one I thought, “Alright…” “I should give Arushi a chance to answer as well.” It’s okay, I mean… Yeah, whatever.
Thanks, Kanishk. You’re too kind. We aren’t tensed about winning or losing because
even if we lose… next time, we’ll study a bit more on the last day.
How sharp is our riddle knowledge? I used to prefer doing
puzzles more than riddles. My life is a puzzle, Josh.
What would I do with riddles? Why fear in life, for what’s going to happen?
If nothing happens, then experience will. Wow, wow, wow, wow.
Maps. – Yes, Josh. Maps.
– F**k. Maps. Maps! Maps! Maps! I’m a map. I’m a map (3x) I’m a map. Map (5x) Map. I was the first to answer. I answered even before the question was finished. We answered right before the timer started.
The viewers already know this. All of you Arts, Science peeps… We don’t need to be so happy about it.
It’s fairly simple. Pal, I’m starting to feel like Kanishk, y’know? A towel. – A towel.
– OOOuh. Oh yeah. A towel (3x)
TOWEL! I knew the answer. Why didn’t you let me think? Yeah, that. Towel. – A Towel.
– Towel. Okay, I’m not Kanishk. – YES! YES!
– Yes! YAY! Okay. Feeling good. 2 out of 2. I know this. Your name. Or is it your– Your name, bro. There are a lot of things like this.
This belongs to me… – Name! Name.
– YES! NAME! – Name (4x)
– OH! OH YES! YOUR NAME! OH YEAH! OH DAMN! I’m so proud of you, Kanishk. This is so cool. Name. This is name (2x).
This is so easy. This is so easy. – Trust me it’s name.
– Okay. I’m trusting you. This is so easy, guys. Please enhance
the difficulty level a bit… or else everyone will answer
and we’ll have another tie-breaker on our hands. (Sadhika, the last time we raised the
difficulty level, our team lost.) It must be about time. Your left hand, I guess. Left hand. I cannot hold
my left hand with my left hand. What can you hold– No! Your right hand, then. Your left hand. – Yeah. (3x)
– Your left hand. Left hand. I can hold my left hand, no? What can you hold in your right hand,
but not in your left hand? Is it not related to a clock? Think about it.
Your answer is right. – Left hand.
– The left hand. I can hold the left hand with my right hand
but can’t hold my right hand with my left hand. Okay. So the answer is left hand. Did Team Commerce answer this one right? F**K! What is happening? What happened to Team Commerce?
Second last question… we will nail this quiz. – Everybody will nail this quiz.
– Pay attention.What starts with an ‘E’ but only has a– E! The letter E, no? Only has a single letter in it? – Yeah.
– It’s a word? “E” The letter ‘E’. It’s starts with an ‘E’ and… – It’s a word?
– It’s a word? ‘I’ Single letter, letter– This is that letter. What’s that? Envelope!
It has two ‘E’s in it.
Single letter. Letter inside it. – Yeah. It’s ‘Envelope.’
– Makes sense, no? Yes. Yes. Envelope. – Envelope.
– ENVELOPE! Yeah. See? I knew that it was that letter. The moment you said it has that letter.,
I was like… It’s right, dude. It’s right. Nice one, nice one.
Team work, team work. One second, this is wrong. No, it’s right. The envelopes don’t only have letters. – Yeah, I mean…
– What if I send cash in an envelope? Yeah. We give sagan in envelopes. So this question isn’t valid, right? When I’m all tied up, I’m ready to walk. A dog?
No. – I’m ready to–
– What walks? when it’s tied. Tied down. Tied. Rope? Nope. SHOES! Shoes. With shoelaces. Shoeslaces. WOAH! WOAH! I LOVE YOU! I’m a– I’m a– shoelace. I’m a shoelace (2x) I think so. We enlightened the name of Science again. – We’re very happy.
– All for you, guys. All for you. It just helped that I’m wearing my shoes. It helped. I just hope there’s no tie-breaker today. Oh yeah, dude. In the last quiz, we only had one wrong as well. No, we answered two of them wrong
the last time. We’ve tied with Science again? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Are the science guys here to die again? NO WAY! WHAT THE F**K? NO! This is… But we’re going to do a Riddles Tie-Breaker soon… whenever you want that tie-breaker,
COMMENT DOWN BELOW and tell us… Meanwhile, LIKE the video… In the comments, #TeamScience REPRESENT #TeamArts! SHARE the video. Just spread it, and SUBSCRIBE to… ‘OK Tested!’ ‘OK Tested.’ Where is Team Commerce?
They disappeared again. Let them be, guys. We don’t have anything to do with them. We don’t even want to talk to them. We don’t have to pay… – ANY ATTENTION to them.
– I miss you, Team Commerce. – They just see their number.
– I don’t care about Team Commerce. You guys leave! Arts all the way. Of course. Yeah. I don’t– I mean, only these two. Team Commerce,….

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