Number 127 Update and Mike Screws Up!

hi I’m Mike a few weeks ago we got to
deal with a cranky cow with a sore leg and today we’re gonna head out and check
on her and I’m gonna take the chance to show you around the barn where we nursed
her back to health it’s all coming up today on our Wyoming Life hi there and welcome back
each and every cow on the ranch is important and those who live here now
are part of our breeding herd these are the cows that will continue to live on
the ranch for the rest of their lives without them there is no ranch so we
treat them the very best we can and yeah they’re a little bit spoiled please
subscribe come to get to know the herd and explore the ranch life while you
escape the ordinary back in December you may remember I ran into a bit of a
problem I was at first I was afraid the number 27 had broken her leg turns out
it was just a bad sprain but even so she needed some help we
brought her into the barn and although cows are herd animals they they like to
be together we had to separate her off I could have brought her in with another
cow but I’ve learned through experience but having another cow around really
wouldn’t have calmed her down any we also have to think about her safety and
our safety if we had another cow with her she would have instinctively wanted
to be next to that cow we couldn’t have them together while we
worked on her so you know that would cause a dangerous place for us to be so
the choice was made to bring her in alone we brought her into the barn where
we could try to control her better so I know that sometimes it looks like these
cows are tame but believe me they’re still wild animals we never know what
exactly they’re thinking and every day my my goal is to go home safe and in one
piece each cow can weigh up to 1,500 pounds that’s heavier than a polar bear
or a grizzly bear and I think they can kill you just as fast so no chances were
taken which the cow was brought into the barn even so she was in pain and
agitated and she managed to get her foot stuck in the gate and I had to cut the
post to get her out but all that is behind us
that’s not her fun she’s received a course of anti-inflammatory medication
and soon after being separated from the herd
she was slowly integrated back in starting with some time with some older
cows that were being held in the Corral’s and eventually being put out
with the cows who were at the time living in another set of Corral’s and
enjoying their last days on the ranch soon we’ll head out to find her because
she’s now back out there with the rest of the herd and since I’ve been on the
road for the last few days I haven’t had a chance to check on her I don’t know
how she’s doing I don’t know I do know that she was better when I put her out
but she could have hurt herself again seems like once they hurt themselves it
kind of reoccurs occasionally and depending on what we find today might
directly affect how long she stays on the ranch and if she stays or if she
goes but first from that video with bringing her in we had
to handle a lot of questions about our barn now it’s not a traditional barn
that you may see on a farm or ranch so I figured I’d give you a little bit of a
tour I’m standing here at the back side of
the bar and I’m not really sure when our barn was built I’m not even sure if it’s
really actually a barn originally this structure was used when the ranch had a
sales barn incorporated into it beginning in the 1930s this ranch raised
Hereford cows and was known across the West for their cattle specifically their
Hereford bulls registered Bulls that each year were featured in the Western
stock shows by the truckload and then they were also sold right here in this
building where bleachers and one once upon a time a sales rank stood cows and
bulls were brought up through one side of the barn sold in the ring and then
brought out the other the exit side of that barn and that operation is at least
the indoor portion that’s what became our barn a barn by definition is an area
where you can house livestock and we’ve done a lot of that in here it may not look like a traditional barn
but for us it gets the job done inside our barn we have five separate stalls at
least one is ready to go at all times and during calving which is coming up
very soon they’re all going to be cleaned and prepped every year the
entire barn is sanitized using a disinfectant for agricultural
applications which will get rid of the germs the virus viruses and the fungi in
order to minimize the spread of disease also in the barn is our head chute or
our head catch which we can use to hold a cow stationary if we have to perform a
procedure or sometimes just an examination on her the barn also allows
us to be in and out of the weather and it’s also been a birthing area for a
number of calves on the ranch without the barn or whatever you want to
call it we would be in a lot of trouble but no cow can live in here forever so a
couple weeks ago we took number 27 and she was released out to head out with
the herd once again and she still had a little bit of stiffness at that time but
I’d given her all the anti-inflammatory that I could she had no infection so
that’s good but still there’s the fear that she
could reinjure herself so as much as she may not like it she does get a little
bit of extra attention every once in a while so it’s time to go out and give
her a little bit of the extra attention and find number 27 so we’re off to find
number 127 at the time though I still had the number 27 stuck in my head
finding a single count when a herd of cows can be hard enough finding one it
looks exactly like the all the others is like trying to find a needle in a pile
of needles and it’s even harder when you’re mistaken on the needle you’re
looking for I didn’t realize I was looking for the wrong cow or at least
the wrong number for almost a half an hour I drove around and around looking
for number 27 and there is a number 27 out here but she’s a Red Cow and I was
looking for a black cow so she wasn’t even on my radar back and forth up and
down the pasture I drove double checking the same area over and over again
cows are always on the move so there’s that to deal with but my mistake was
making my job way harder in fact I even drove right by her making myself look
even more foolish I could have went back and refilmed this entire episode or at
least two parts where I knew I had her number wrong but I thought that this
whole experience might make a good point none of us are perfect we all make
mistakes everywhere and the biggest mistake you can make is assuming you
don’t or that you’re better than someone else because they did for me making a
mistake is the best way to learn a lesson you can read a book or watch a
video but it’s until you’re in the moment that you realize how the mistake
happened and how it can be corrected it’s easy to
judge without being in someone’s shoes trust me I know but when I slowed down
thought through the problem it was then I realized the solution it’s okay to be
wrong just don’t make a habit of it today it cost me a little bit of time
maybe a little pride but in the end there she is looking good spry as ever
and on the move her injury is obviously better the swelling has gone down and
she’s healthy ready to have her calf very soon and continue her life on the
ranch as number 127 all right that’s that we found her number 127 not number
27 not bad to be off by a factor of 100 but she seems to be doing well she’s up
and moving and of course about a hundred times better than when we saw her before
thanks once again for coming along with us as we continue to explore the ranch
life and escape the ordinary I’m happy to be back here on the ranch I was out
back east for the last few days I got a chance to visit Virginia North Carolina
and South Carolina as we got to take a little tour visit some friends at
Michelin and of course meet some of you guys in winston-salem
that was awesome I’m really completely really excited about the folks that came
out dang out with us that was a lot of fun and if you were one of them
thank you very much we’ll be doing more stuff like that as we move on through
the year here on our Wyoming life so be sure you subscribe hip a little Bell
button make sure that you get all the notifications and until next time have a
great week and thanks for joining us in our weilman life hi I’m Mike a few weeks
ago we got to deal with a cranky cow with a sore leg you can join us on
Sunday on our sister channel beyond the wrench for our live stream that happens
on Sunday 7:00 p.m. right here well right there
hi I’m Mike and I just flew in from South Carolina and boy are my arms tired
Wow okay whatever today we get to check on her and take a chance I’m gonna take
it Rob when I do some stuff with boot hi I’m Mike and today a few other things
why can’t I talk today think I’ve been gone for a while all right

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