New to Data Science – Where Should you focus?

New to Data Science – Where Should you focus?

when learning data science
what should I focus on that’s a question I’ve been getting a lot of lately and so
I thought I’d make a recording with my perspective and my answer on that my
answer right now it’s 2018 this is what I’m starting to
tell people instead of choosing a language that you need to focus on or
choosing a specific product I’m telling people start focusing and thinking about
real time analytics and here’s why I say that I said that because I think
everyone’s mindset and their decision-making isn’t quite ready for
real-time analytics and so I want to explain a little bit of a story about
what it’s like when you start building a real-time analytics product for a
customer it goes usually something like this you you built them some dashboards
and you convince them that real time is what they want to do and you build them
and create this real-time dashboard for them and it usually is a ticker kind of
looks like a stock thank you if you track stocks there’s a ticker symbol but
in real time whatever it is they’re tracking whether it’s sales or you know
some sensor data you get a real-time you know dashboard that ticks along and
people get really excited about it because now they can see their data in
real time and instead of looking at last week or last month’s data now they start
to see it in real time and they get really excited and then here’s the point
where things get a little tricky when you start to talk about now that you can
see this real-time data are you gonna sit there and watch this all the time
and almost everyone’s answer is no I don’t have time to sit and watch you
know a ticker and move up and down all the time which which makes sense people
don’t have that time to do that so then you start getting – well what actions
are you going to take off this real-time data and here’s one of the things that
people commonly say well when we see a big spike or a big drop we’re gonna call
a meeting and when you start digging into who are they going to call a
meeting with well it’s the VP of this and the director of that and before you
know what you have a meeting with a lot of people that have very busy
schedules in that meeting might not happen for a couple of days and so on
the real-time space you just had a drop and it takes you two days to get that
meeting set up that’s too long that worked when you got a report from last
week or last month’s data but if you’re talking about real-time data you need to
know how you’re gonna act on that data right away so your decisions and your
actions need to be automated and so that’s why I keep telling people to
start focusing on real-time analytics and the decisions that you need to make
need to be really quick and they need to be known ahead of time you need to know
when there’s a large drop in your real-time analytics you need to know
what your action is like what are you gonna do and preferably is there
something that I can just automate so that a human doesn’t even have to get
involved but that’s the thing I start telling people about when they want to
learn real-time analytics so start spending some time figure out what tools
are out there available for real-time analytics how does that differ what kind
of you know products and processes are available so that you could ingest all
that data coming in in real time because it’s a little bit different than your
traditional just throw everything into a sequel database so that’s why I’m pretty
big on how do you focus and what should you learn if you want to get started in
data science and I keep telling people start focusing on real-time analytics
and I also think not a lot of companies are there today but I think four or five
years down the road I think this is going to be a part of every business
decision and every business all over the place and I don’t know that schools or
even corporate training is properly preparing people for the mindset shift
from we have last week’s data now how are we going to perform this week to the
mindset where we say we have data right now what are we gonna do right now and
so I’m encouraging people to start thinking about that and preparing
themselves for how do you deal a little bit more quickly with decisions and how
do you automate that stuff anyhow so that’s my answer on if you want to start
learning data science right now what’s an area you could focus on. That’s my
opinion and I hope you like it and I hope you
start learning a little bit about real-time analytics

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  • August 22, 2018 at 7:09 am

    hey i will be graduating on june of 2019 with cs degree . i worked as intern in data science department worked on ml projects.. and also i am good in math. suggest me a project please


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