Mix Preparation Gain staging your tracks in Logic Pro X

Mix Preparation   Gain staging your tracks in Logic Pro X

so after we’ve dealt with all the phasing
issues the next thing that you do as part of being a mix engineer or prepare
preparing your tracks for mix is to gain stage and gain stage is just making sure
that you’ve got enough room to adjust everything you need to because when you
add EQ and compression stuff it can raise the volume or the raised loudness
of your track raise the signal and you want to still have enough room to make
it sound good so what I would recommend is setting your tracks all of them at –
16 DB between minus 16 and minus 18 as a peak and the way that you do this is
like this so I’ve chosen the kick layer and the first thing I’m going to do is
I’m going to add the gain plug-in which is utility>gain>mono, okay? the next
thing I’m going to do is add a meter so I’m going to add a level meter and I’m
going to put them side-by-side like this okay Oh or like that just so I can see
what’s going on here and I’m going to set the gain meter to minus sixth there
at the level meter to minus 16 right so let’s watch this so overall it
is going a little bit above that so I’m going to use the gain meter to drop it down to
where I need it to be and then what I’m going to do is I’m
going to check other parts of the mix just to make sure so that one seems okay so I’m happy with
that I know that’s gonna be peaking at minus 6 dB if I go on to this one do the
same thing so again and the level meter and it’s really important the level
meter goes after the gain in the signal process you can see this is have got a
lot more varied Peaks so again we want it at minus 16 to minus 18 DB so I’m
gonna put it there okay so those parts of that that are peaking a little bit
over so we’ll just drop this down a little bit okay that’s okay then I
notice there’s another peak here so we’re gonna have a listen to that that’s
still okay another peak over here I just want to catch that peak at the end so
we’ll go here that’s okay and then we’ll look here to the end this bit is where it gets very loud I’m
going to leave that little peek there because I can compress that out but
essentially you need to do that to every track in the thing in the mix just to
make sure as you see here we’ve got some Peaks just make sure that we’ve got
enough room there’s a lot of tracks we could potentially be building up a lot
so that’s what you need to do for game staging in Logic Pro Plus Logic Pro X

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