Logic Trace Example using lines, arcs, and circles

Logic Trace Example using lines, arcs, and circles

My name is John Walsh with The Logic Group, I am going to demonstrate using the Logic Trace Digitizing System for
digitizing a pattern, saving it as a DXF file and getting it into the computer. One of the really big problems with CNC machines and Cad machines is a person is given a part or pattern and
they have to get that pattern into the computer. With my digitizing system
consisting of a digitizing board and a pen stylus and the tracing software I
can trace this outline and save it as a DXF file in just a matter of minutes. I’m
going to come in here and start the software. I start the Logic Trace software,
I tell that I’m going to digitize, I’m on this pattern. I’m going to do it using
Lines and Arcs. I could also just trace it. Lines and Arcs. I click Start
then I’m going to digitize the pattern with a bunch of points, telling it to
connect those points with lines or arcs. We’re starting out with lines, I digitize
a point here. To digitize the point I can push down with the tip or I can push one
of the side buttons. I push down with the tip. I digitize a point there, digitize a point there, digitize a point there. I’ve got those lines getting started on my pattern. I’m now going to switch to an arc. the Arc you
digitizing any three points on the pattern it uses the first point I digitized, so I
just do it anywhere in the middle and at the end of that arc and then it will
give me an arc for between those three points I’ve digitized. I now switch back
to lines. I’m going to do a point up here, point there, point there. I now have three arcs and I’m going to do so I got to switch it to arcs and then I come
in here and digitize the point here and the end point, and then the middle point end point, middle point end point. I then come in and switch back to lines. I digitize a point there, there
and there. I have one more arc I switch it
back to arcs, and I digitize the point there digitize a point there. I’ve gone all the way around. I click done, it asks me if I want to connect the first and last points, I say yes and now I have the outline digitized. Now on here I also have three circles so I’m going to digitize those.
So I come in here and I say circle and then I click start. To digitize the
circle I just do any three points, I’ll do one at the top, there, and there. The
program will then – I click done – it’ll tell me what the diameter was, I click
ok. I’m going to do another one so I do three points again – there, there, and there. Then I come in and click done, the diameter is ok. Then I’ll do the last one – I’ve got to click start – click
start and I click there, there, and there, click done and then you can see I have
the outline of the part and those three inner circles. Now I’m going to save this
file I come in here to Create File and then I just give it a name, I’m going to
call this TEST1 and then click Save and it has saved my DXF file. That
DXF file is now all ready to load into your CNC or Cad routing software. So in
just a matter of minutes I was able to digitize this pattern and and get it
into the file. Now with digitizing I can do lines and arcs, I
could do freehand drawing, I can do circles, I can do curve-fitting, much
different ways that you can digitize and get your file. If you have any questions
about this product, please contact me. If you would like a copy of this dxf file
contact me I would be happy to sent it to you. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Logic Trace Example using lines, arcs, and circles

  • October 28, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Very nice, looks like a well thought out product. Thanks for doing a hands on demo of your product. Don't let some marker talk you into a feel good no info video this one was GREAT! So when are you going to incorporate an overhead projector that displays an interactive interface and drawing to the work area? OH OH I know when you pay for the years of R&D it took to build and bring this to market. Again well done!!!

  • November 29, 2016 at 2:34 am

    I love it, I have absolutely no need for it, but I wish I did, and I am thinking of a good reason to get one. lol

  • March 10, 2017 at 1:54 am

    What do you do for a spline that is not circular?

  • March 30, 2018 at 9:17 am


  • August 27, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Can you bring it into illustrator as vector .eps or .ai or .cdr?


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