Logic Riddles To Boost Your Logic And Make You Think Outside The Box

A lot of my subscribers write to me asking
for harder or more tricky riddles! I haven’t slept for days thinking up the most difficult
riddles for you to really exercise your brain to the max! I’m talking about fun, exciting
and challenging riddles, no schoolbook stuff. Well, I did it! Here are 8 tricky riddles
that will make you think hard. But I bet that when you see the answer, you’ll smile…
and see how easy it actually is. You just need to think outside the box! If you find
these tough little riddles to be easy, well, you’re a genius! Write to me and I’ll
try to come up with an impossible-to-pass quiz, just for you! You’re on the second floor of an abandoned
house. There are terrible stories about this house, maybe some of them are true?? All
the windows are smashed out, very freaky. You know for sure that there is a ghost
in the room, but you’re the only one in there. How is this possible? You’ve got 12 seconds to solve this tricky riddle. Answer: you are that ghost Border guards of two countries discovered a strange car with a suitcase full of diamonds in it The Diamonds were in the back part
of the car. The car was empty and was exactly in the middle of the border of the two
countries. Which country’s customs officers should investigate this diamond smuggling
case? I’ll give you 12 seconds for this riddle. Your time starts now! Answer: border guards shouldn’t investigate anything at all. It should be done by the police. Science teacher: “Today we have a difficult test. But I’ll give you a chance to get an A without even taking it. The first one
to answer my question correctly won’t have to take the test, but they’ll still
get an A. He puts 2 buckets of water in front of the students. “Now imagine that we heat
the water in one bucket to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and cool the water in the other bucket to
−100 degrees Fahrenheit. Now we take 2 identical coins and simultaneously throw them into the
2 buckets. Which of the coins will sink to the bottom faster? Think carefully! Your
12 seconds starts now! Answer: the one that will be thrown into
the hot water will sink. The other bucket’s water will be frozen solid, and the coin
won’t sink at all. Which glass has more water? The answer: The paper clip has the smallest volume, which means there is the most amount of water. What about this one? Which glass has more water? The answer: This one! Which glass here has more water? I’m sure
you’ll get this one right away! The answer: This glass has more water. Which glass has more water? This one is the hardest by far! The answer: Even though these glasses are different at the bottom, the still hold the same amount of water. The needle has the smallest volume, so THIS glass has the most water. There was a fire in George and Jim’s office.
The 2 were in the middle of a difficult negotiation. George didn’t survive the fire.
Jim escaped by climbing out the window using a rope that George had given him. Jim showed
the detective the snow-white rope. The detective unwound the rope and said that it looked
completely new, only one of the ends was burned. What was up with that? Jim: “When
the fire broke out, I tied one end of the rope to the sofa and threw the rope out the
window. The rope reached all the way to the ground. I grabbed the rope with my hands
and slid down from the third floor.” The detective knew Jim was lying. What’s suspicious about Jim’s story? Answer: Sliding down a non-specialized rope from such a height would rip up Jim’s
unprotected hands, there should have been traces of blood on the rope. Derek went on a scientific expedition. A few
days later he called his wife and said: “I met an old friend on the trip. Can he come
stay with us for a while?” Wife: “Of course, your friend can stay with us as much as he wants!”
Husband: “Only I have to warn you. He was in an accident recently. He went blind.”
Wife: “Then ask him to come for a short time, like one day maximum. It’s gonna be a drag
to be in the same house as a disabled person.” The husband immediately hung up.
He never returned home. His wife tried to find him, called him tons of times, but he just
disappeared. A month later, she met him by chance on the street. As soon as she looked at him,
she immediately realized what a cruel mistake she had made. Why didn’t Derek return home?
12 seconds for this unusual riddle! There was no friend. Derek himself went blind
during the expedition. When he heard what his wife said on the phone, he realized
his wife wouldn’t accept him. He decided not to return. Mia went to a cafe with some friends. There,
she met 3 friendly guys. The guys told her a little about themselves. The first said
that he had traveled to Asia and even visited Peru there. The second said that he was an astronaut.
When he went out on his first space walk, he admired the beautiful view of the Earth
and enjoyed the singing of the wind orbiting the earth. The third said that he was in the
Navy and had visited various ports around the world, but he hates swimming. Who is lying to the girl? 12 seconds to solve this tricky puzzle Answer: The first and the second are lying. Peru is not in Asia. There’s no wind
in outer space! It’s a vacuum! John was an excellent hunter and went hunting
every Thursday. This time out, he discovered the body of a man and called the police.
The detective examined the body. The coroner said the body had been there for a week and
a half. Soon, the identity of the victim was determined. The detective immediately
went to the ex-wife of the injured man, Jane. Jane: “Good thing you found him. I missed
him so much. It happened just recently. He left home for work, but never returned.
After listening to Jane, the detective arrested her. Why? You have 10 seconds to answer
this easy question! Answer: Her husband disappeared a week and
a half ago, but she never went to the police. Isn’t that a bit suspicious?!

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