Learn Numbers with Lizzy the Dog | v2 | Learn to Count to 10 for Kids

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV Hey Lizzy, come on over here and let’s learn our numbers from one to ten! Oh! Heh heh, silly dog! [Baby giggles] Here’s number one. This is number two. Here’s three. Four. This is the number five. Six. Seven looks like this. Here’s eight. This is nine And this is the number ten! OK Lizzy, where’s number one? Can you find it? That’s right! One. Where’s the number two? There’s two, and this block has two dots! Can you find number three? Nice work! Three! Where’s the four? Right on! Four! Can you find the number five? Way to go! That’s number five! And this block has five dots. OK Lizzy, see if you can find the number six. There’s six! What about the number seven? Perfect! There’s number seven! Can you find the eight? You’re doing great! Eight. Show me number nine. That’s right! Nine! You’re doing so well, but can you find number ten? Way to go! That’s number ten! That was amazing! High five! Say goodbye Lizzy. [Child giggles] Thanks for watching, Brainiacs. See you next time!

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