How to change phone number for your facebook account

Today in this video we will see how to
change the phone number associated with your Facebook account if you lost your
SIM card or if in any case you want to change the phone number. Then what you do
is go ahead and open Facebook at first. Now tap on this menu icon here. Select
your profile. Then go to “see about your info”. Now scroll down. You will see a
contact info here at the bottom. If I want to remove this phone number and add
another one I will select edit at first. Then I will select this option “remove
mobile phone” in account settings. Now I will select remove now. You will be asked
“are you sure you want to remove a phone number from your account now”. You will
need the phone number if you want to reset your Facebook password or if you
want to activate two-factor authentication then you will need your
mobile number. But in any case if you want to remove this one then you need to
select I understand and then select remove number now. You need to again
enter your Facebook password in order to remove the phone number. So let me enter
my facebook password and then select remove phone. So I have removed my phone
number from the Facebook account. Now if I have to add another one I will enter
another phone number here and then select add number. Now I have got a
confirmation code in my mobile number which I need to enter in order to add
the phone number and then confirm. So I have added added another phone number to
my Facebook account. So I will select close. So in this way I have removed a
phone number from my Facebook account and added a new one. Thank you for
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