How to Awaken Things Within You | Leon Fontaine 2020

How to Awaken Things Within You | Leon Fontaine 2020

Wow I love that all the languages I
think just uh probably was probably already eight or nine years ago we had a
study done through the church thank you to just look at the first language of
much of our congregation and the people that did it said there’s like 80
different languages that are spoken in our church and I love that I think
that’s awesome as it’s very cool well we want to welcome those joining us right
now at the other campuses those of you joining us on YouTube and we’re excited
about God’s Word we know it’s going to change your life father thank you for
your presence because we’re the presence of the Lord is there’s freedom so help
us to learn let there be peace in this place and let your word take root I pray
in Jesus name Amen and amen as the young man before I got married
even before I met Sally I got involved in hospital work about a job at a
hospital and then got included in a paramedic program there weren’t
paramedics in the province at the time so it was a pilot project and I was
training with doctors and in ORS and intensive cares and as a Christian
raised in a nice Church a wonderful church my parents who were both pastors
have an amazing grasp of the word moved in the gifts of the Spirit but it was my
first time to walk into things that horrified me as a paramedic I would walk
in and see mangled bodies a child that had been horribly abused the cries the
smells the things as there’s many things I have never even told another person
because of the pain the gross miss the ferocity that if you don’t believe in
the devil go be a first responder by
fighter paramedic police officer and you will see that there’s a devil and it’s
not just the dark side of your psyche but when I was there I think there was
this wake-up call in me and trained in the word my parents had taught me the
word I had seen Holy Spirit and how he could move through an individual person
but now I saw horrific things brutal things horrible things and I began to
struggle with how to handle it how to deal with it and literally I had to work
out how can I put it a training program for myself because I knew enough word to
know that I was getting burnt out I was getting literally hard-hearted in my
first year of working with this stuff because you would see stuff every day
and then when I wasn’t in the field doing calls we were a part of the crash
cart team in the hospital so I went to the nine 9’s a heart attacks anytime a
patient walked in they would walk into one of our recovery rooms where you’d be
you know right I’d be there with the team as well and I don’t think I knew
enough to figure out what to do I just knew that something was wrong with me it
was like the insulation was being ripped off my heart and when you look at wires
the only way I can explain it is that there’s wires on the stage but if you
touch a wire to another wire if they’re covered with that rubber insulation they
don’t connect but if you take a knife and strip the insulation off the wire
and you got that bare wire now you’re gonna have a power flow and the only way
I could could understand this was that my heart began to be stripped of and I
begin to feel for others I begin to see the
incredible need and I knew that we were called to deal with it but I didn’t know
how and as I began to dive into the Word of God as never before I found that
every human being is wired to succeed every human being every neuron every
pathway everything about your brain everything about your heart your spirit
soul and body is been designed to succeed in life to succeed in
relationships to have joy to have peace to walk in love to treat people well
everybody is wired that way but most were programmed for unbelief
heartache hurt sickness disease and because that was their programming
growing up that this is as good as it gets
that’s life you know but you couldn’t see things get better and so as a young
man I went on this just complete change of my life that I still adhere to today
and that is it every morning before I go to work I would get up and I would find
all the anointed teachers of God’s Word that I could and I would listen to them
one whole message every morning before I’d go to work and I was dating Sally
right in there and Pastor Dan who’s a pastor here today he was dating Rita we
were him and I had a house together and we had set up this porch to be our
learning area and that’s where we would go in the morning or he would go and was
history and I’d if I saw him in there I’d leave him alone but something
changed inside of me I begin to do what I want to talk about today I began to
recognize that my tongue has life or death that doesn’t just mean that I’m
teasing a killer to kill me or you know that it’s just the thing it’s not the
content only but that it has some kind of a power that if God spoke the worlds
into existence and Jesus spoke his power they didn’t
snap their fingers I didn’t wave their arms they spoke and the words that they
spoke actually caused all three worlds to obey them I noticed that most
people’s words didn’t mean squat most people could say something it wouldn’t
mean a thing but then I began to watch the way people talked and I found that
people who would just continually talk something would usually see that one of
the things we had it we’d all often well we’d always be working in emergency as
well where people would walk in and you know if we we would know by name three
or four people because they were so psychosomatic that they would come in
for everything they’d come in you’d hear some yeah you know I just I just know
that I’m really sick and I’ve having this symptom my eyes twitching and I
know that it’s a disease I want you to examine me I’m pretty sure it’s brain
cancer I in fact I know it’s brain cancer and I want to have an MRI I want
to have this and they would just have and this is the way they talked all the
time just sickness disease and pretty much whatever they were talking is where
they were going was what they were getting and so I began as a young man to
recognize that I too have been wired and created for success all three parts of
me body soul and spirit and the heart which is a mix of the spirit and the
soul has been created wired for me to succeed but that this planet has got me
thinking wrong ways it’s got me believing wrong things and that I needed
to reprogram myself when Sal and I got married we had this conversation because
we just kind of woke up to the fact that we didn’t have to put up with whatever
life gave us but that we could create our lives that Holy Spirit was our
helper which meant that we had to have the initiative to
determine the direction and then if it was a godly direction Holy Spirit would
help us if it was an ungodly direction the evil spirit would help you you still
there Christian or not if you’re a Christian
and you choose to believe wrong things hateful things the evil spirit the enemy
they’ll help you and so we recognize how powerful was for us to make decisions
and to make sure that this being that I am would be like Jesus for the thousands
of years that have been and come and gone there are only 33 years that we
have an accurate look at what a human being should be like and that is the
life of Jesus Christ for those 33 years God you know he it says know God with us
Emmanuel Jesus took on a body gave up any of the power associated with him
being a part of the Trinity and he became a man and the Bible does not call
him very often in mark Matthew Mark Luke and John Jesus didn’t call himself the
Son of God he called himself the Son of Man so why because he was showing the
human race this is the way a human being can function he came with not only wired
for success Jesus as a young man was in the scriptures to such a degree that at
12 he was stunning the Pharisees the Sadducees and the people of the law they
did whoa listen to this kid he recognized he was created to live a
certain way but he also had to be programmed or he had to meditate in the
word salad I you know I remember when we got married we knew that that our mouth
was one of the most powerful ways to renew our mind and establish heart
beliefs and so we said well when one person starts to speak doubt and
unbelief or words that are useless or words that could hurt us let’s just make
sure we remind each other you know Leon you just said this this and now hey
Sally you said this this well we found that
led to a lot of fighting and so you know what are we gonna do so instead we
developed this little system that if you know if we’re gonna help each other get
our tongues in line and I don’t mean to such an extreme that you’re weird but we
would just say if I was out I’m so sick and tired of this and as a she go I
agree with that in Jesus name and then I go okay no no no and you learnt real
quick when someone says to you all the time I agree with that in Jesus name and
you just said something you don’t want in your life it really kind of and so we
began we would take the scriptures and we would speak them on to cassette
players back then and then we had this cassette player that would go they would
just complete looping and keep playing all night and we would listen to
ourselves confess God’s Word all night we were determined to change our
programming we were determined to change our thinking to change the natural bent
that gets into you from this world and we wanted to renew our mind and today I
want to really encourage you that if you are gonna just come here and give your
life to Jesus and you get a little bit of psychological relief I’m happy for
you but if you want to walk in the power of God and you want a life that is so
filled with the miraculous and the blessing and the favor of God then you
are going to have to do the work of changing the way the world has
programmed you school news parents uncles aunts traumas it cetera so
meditative prayer is something that is crucial and this is where you speak
God’s Word and its purpose isn’t a magical hex its purpose is to disrupt
wrong programming and get God’s programming on the inside of you Joshua
chapter 1 and verse a let’s read this as you look at the screen it says this book
of the law shall not depart from your mouth from what your mouth doesn’t say
from your Bible from your house doesn’t say from your church your pastor it says
this book of the I shall not depart from your mouth from
what your mouth now think about this from innoGames we skip right by certain
points you are to be continually declaring your beliefs and if you do not
you will find that the stuff of this world the programming the thinking the
culture the negativity that you know the oh woe is me
that will get it’ll just start seeping into you like this marinade it says if
this book of Allah shall not depart from your mouth but meditate therein day and
night that you may observe to do according to what all but is written
therein for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have
success see everybody’s praying for success everybody’s praying for
prosperity and relationships and businesses and God’s already done that
for you it’s all in his word now in the New Covenant it’s actually been finished
at the cross and so it’s saying here if you will not let the word of god depart
out of your mouth you will make your way and so what kind
of a year you’re gonna have out of know what are you gonna make by default
you’re gonna use you’re gonna just drift back into worldly thinking and so we’ve
got to begin to speak the Word of God with this word can’t depart from your
mouth now I don’t mean that you speak God’s Word like a hex you know a lot of
the occult they’ll tell you all is crazy books you read that you know these are
the words that you would speak over the spirit and that this is the right
incantation and if you get the right incantation then you will release this
evil spirit or whatever they’re teaching it’s all it’s all just bunk so the Word
of God for Christians isn’t that you get all the wording right it’s that this
meditative prayer begins to drop down and you begin to understand and know
things at such a level that it changes the way you look at life proverbs 18:21
says death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall
eat the fruit there uh if they didn’t love it I know
people who love being negative you ever met one loved gossiping love finding
everything wrong with everybody around them love telling everybody else the
newest junk and the Bible says a gossip separates chief friends one guy said to
me I don’t want to hear but that’s gossip no it’s true I said the Bible
doesn’t say that gossip is not true the Bible says you shouldn’t be repeating
and none of your business and and so what when it’s people there are some
people who love just to speak junk bunk they feel like they raise themselves up
when they put everybody else down and if you love that kind of talk it says that
you’re gonna eat that kind of fruit yourself but if you love to speak the
Word of God that lifts and and here’s what God’s Word says and etc then you’re
going to eat the fruit of that in other words the words that you speak plant
seeds in your heart and the fruit of those seeds are gonna come into your
life in Romans chapter 10 and verse 17 it says so then faith cometh by hearing
and hearing by the Word of God I firmly believe that in those young years of my
life that I begin to recognize that this meditative prayer and it began to unlock
things inside of me and I would go and pray for the sick and see miracles I
there would be attempts on my life and I would just watch with my eyes things go
wrong and and things at times when I was protected so uniquely and miraculously
and it wasn’t because I was special to God above another it was simply that I
began in my teen years to reprogram myself I’m wired you are built to
succeed for protection for a long life for joy but you’ve been programmed of a
good friend of mine Jim Richards wrote a book called wired for success programmed
for failure and many people program for failure well this is me oh the negative
whiny that’s you know that’s not you that’s just you’re wrong Pro
ramming and if you’d actually do the work of taking God’s Word and beginning
to speak it and and not meditative prayer is not just saying it the Bible
says to meditate is to speak mutter ponder and imagine so when you take the
promise for exactly that says I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me to just take that verse and just speak it at the air doesn’t
mean much but when I’m in a situation where I have to walk through something
as a an individual or you and you know pick a topic you want a public speaker
and teach Sunday School you have to take a company to a new level you have to see
this take place in your life and there’s gonna be a lot of pressure a lot of
stress on you and and you’re saying oh God
god I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me the words that you
speak are anointed and they should cause new dreams and visions to rise in your
life they should cause you to see things differently when you speak the Word of
God and you ponder on it and you meditate on it it’ll cause you to see
you differently it’ll cause you to see your life differently instead of you
being this person that’s down and depressed and freaking out you’ll you’ll
see as Holy Spirit begins to take the words that are alive and he begins to
teach them and when he teaches them to you see the language of your mind is
logic knowledge but the language of your heart is pictures it’s dreams and
visions and when you begin to do the work of meditate I’ll give you an
example as a young man before I got married I began to speak the word and
because I was walking around dead and dying people and heart attacks and and
people cut up and bleeding out in front of me and busted broken bones and all
the things I begin to declare things like when I lay my hands upon the sick
they shall recover I begin to declare that no evil thing
shall ever hurt me if I eat or drink any deadly thing it’s not gonna touch me I
thank you a thousand will fall at my side and ten thousand in my right hand
and it will not touch me and I would take these promises and as I would speak
them it I would get so involved in them just laying in the porch of that house
and listening to the word and then speaking the word that situations in my
own mind I could just see myself protected I see myself touching people
and the power of God I would see myself with God’s favour on my life now I it
was coming because I was doing it meditative prayer what is that it’s
praying the word and then it’s not just speaking the word but it’s pondering and
meditating on it until I see the results of that promise in my life now I don’t
know what that looks like to you but as I begin to do this it changed me
radically changed me as a young man I began to I found Psalms 119 verses 97 98
99 it’s prophetic of Jesus but it says there that if you love God’s Word now
God’s Word is called you know lots of different words for the word of God it
could be called law it could be called all sorts so what it says if you will
meditate in God’s Word and love his word you’ll be wiser than your teachers wiser
than people older than you and wiser than your very enemies well we know that
when you have an enemy if you are wiser you will win it is better to be wiser
than to be meaner it’s better be wiser than to be more rabid it’s better to be
wiser because wisdom wins and as I saw this I began to speak that and from the
age of being nineteen years old till today one of the things I declare over
my life and back then I would do it daily just pain now maybe once a week
and because each day I’m speaking different I’m doing this every day
different verses but I just know hundreds of them now I would just
declare because I love God’s word I’m wiser than my teachers I thank you I’m
wiser than the people even older than me and I thank you right now any enemy I
get that I’m wiser than that enemy in the name of Jesus I would speak that
each day and this confidence that don’t worry about people yakking talkin
attacking Pickers God is going to keep you
why because I’m special no because I just prayed no but because life and
death are in the power of the tongue I began to speak these promises daily and
not just in kind of a quick way but in a meditative way that my mind was involved
my heart was involved and I began to change the very thinking in my heart I
found that when I studied the word that Jesus compares himself to bread and when
you go to the Old Testament many of the stories of the Old Testament teach you
concepts that would be in the New Testament for example when God gave the
children of Israel manna in the wilderness there was no food how do you
feed 2 million people walking through the desert when all there is is a few
lizards and snakes it’s not gonna go very far so God rained down manna
heavenly bread but if you tried to gather more than one day’s worth it
would rot meaning you had to gather manna every day you know what it was
trying to show us through this type and shadow that when Jesus who is the bread
of life comes that what you did yesterday is not going to do today you
will need to stay in the word in a meditative prayer way every day of your
life so Leon that sounds like work well don’t do it and see what happens go
ahead and just keep this life this body this mind this brain that you’ve been
given which is wired to succeed just feel the frustration of never getting it
– it’s just irritating it’s just it’s awful it’s horrible as people will often
talk to me and you know how come I can’t happen you know why God why didn’t God
do this why didn’t God and it’s kind of shocking you know you mean you still
don’t get that it’s already a done deal that it’s been given to you and that
every miracle you’ll ever need every promise you’ll ever need has already
been given to you you’ve been qualified for it made righteous for it it’s been
deposited in your spirit it’s the presence of God and it’s just you
getting your mind renewed your heart established and grace and it just arts
flowing and so we need to do the work and when I say work I don’t mean this is
it’s horrible the bible’s interest like I think Jeremiah chapter 15 verse 16 it
says your words came to me and I listened carefully I ate them your words
made me very happy and were the delight of my heart because I am called by your
name Lord God all powerful all mighty of heavens army of hosts as you begin to
take his word and just begin to speak it just begin to in your car wherever you
are begin to just declare it over your life declare this is who you are
declare this is who my god is you begin to enjoy this so much now in my life
when I go through periods of where I’m a little bit too busy and I haven’t spent
time in this meditative prophetic declarative prayer whatever word you
want to use which is just speaking but I’m speaking it to declare what my
life’s going to be like I’m speaking it to get it into my heart and make sure
that I’m getting out wrong programming and wrong things that might have seeped
in there that daily I’ve got to have a renewed mind that daily I need to
Ephesians 5 says be being filled with the Holy Spirit say well Liam that
sounds like work what’s with you you can have supernatural ability on this
natural planet or you can just stay with your natural ability how many hours of
TV or social media are you looking at the averages I think way past 5 hours
you can’t just grab another hour out of that and just begin to speak his word
declare his word meditate on his word and watch what it does
to your mind watch what it does to your heart and then things begin to change
jesus said I am the bread of life in John chapter 6 verses 31 to 36 he says
and when you eat of me you will never hunger again you will never thirst again
just a minute so when you begin to speak the Word of God to meditate in his word
to see things ahead of time differently it says that you’ll not hunger hunger
for what how many wrong things do we hunger
to get us off track how many times do we get thirsty or we just have desires and
we start feeling lonely we start feeling a lot of sorts and then we begin to be
tempted off my time has passed but I want to encourage you that when you go
into the word that it is your the Word of God that makes the difference and
Psalms 119 11 it says thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin
against thee when the enemy tries to tempt you into sin listen to me close he
is trying to tempt you off of the path God’s prepared for you ahead of time
he’s trying to tempt you off he’s trying to get you into something that he can
beat you up with so that you lose faith and etc and so when you begin to hide
God’s word and that word hide means the secret place of your heart when you
daily begin to speak his word when you meditate ponder when you imagine simply
on that Majan a shin his new age now the word meditation has a synonym in the
center column of your Bible will say imagination he gave you an imagination
and this imagination is the ability to peer into the future now people who are
dealing with fear people who deal with anxiety people who deal with a lot of
those negative emotions have very acutely developed negative imaginations
they can see themselves being rejected every time they walk into a new group of
people they can see and sense themselves not being good enough they you know
there is it and so the Word of God has to impact your mind to such a degree
that even when you look at a situation you begin to see different results in
the future the Bible says in psalm 119 hundred and five five is a lamp unto my
feet and a light unto my path way the direction of your life the direction of
how you handle a specific child the direction of how to take your marriage
to a new place right now you can read a book for some principles but every
person is so Niq with their own hurts with their own
situations but Holy Spirit will lead you individually in every job area
relationship area marriage raising kids his word will rise up within you and
guide how you handle things and when you take a look at God’s Word you’ll
understand that even the angels of God obey the spoken word of God it says in
Psalms 103 verse 20 bless the Lord you his angels mighty in strength it says
who hearkened to the voice of his word it does not say who hearkened to the
voice of God well of course they do but did you know that when you speak the
Word of God as a born-again faithful believer and those words are filled with
faith that angels obey the spoken word of God and in Hebrews chapter 1 and
verse 14 it says there that angels are ministering spirits sent to minister to
the heirs of salvation when you give your life to Jesus Christ the angels are
there and my challenge to use you can go ahead and just try to be a nominal
Christian or you can begin each day to speak his word to begin to declare that
the blessing of the Lord maketh rich in my life and he addeth no sorrow to it I
want to thank you Father that I’m the head and not the tail above and not
beneath and all the business things that I’m involved and I want to thank you
right now that you’ve commanded upon me your blessing and that the blessing of
the Lord maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow to it I want to thank you right
now that my children will be like olive trees planted around our table that
because we are planted in the house of the Lord I’m gonna live old and long and
bear fruit it every year of my life I want to thank you right now that the
peace of God is upon me because the Spirit of God is mine I want to thank
you right now father the joy of the Lord is not going to be one fine day it is my
strength and as you begin to speak the word you are gonna find that it’s it’s
what it does to you and the Bible says in Psalms are I’m
sorry in Ephesians chapter 6 and that he’s strong in the Lord and in the power
of his might how do you know that what you’re
speaking is working how do you know if the if you’re if you’re spending enough
time in this meditative prayer of declaring God’s Word because according
to Ephesians 6 verse 10 and on the promises of God become like Armour the
armour of the world like the breastplate of righteousness is an understanding of
righteousness a helmet of salvation is an understanding of what salvation
includes when the sword of the Spirit is an understanding that the spoken work is
the sword of the Spirit is the word praying as you pray the word speak the
word the sword of the Spirit will take out the things that are and if not the
Bible says that the wiles of the devil that there’ll be an evil day where you
won’t know what to do and people think that it’s just bad but often it’s just
him getting to you to think a certain way walking you right out of church
walking you out of an important relationship as the enemy who begins to
attack with flaming arrows how you think how you believe what you should do and
he will mess with you but if you have spent you don’t need to have a whole
lesson on demons just take God’s Word because as the armor the breastplate of
righteousness and all of us going on all of a sudden you will find that as you
walk things become so much easier it’s the very armor that Jesus wore my
challenge to you start today begin to take promises and God’s Word and speak
them declare them ponder on them and then you will change your life father I
pray right now did you touch every one of us good father we would go back to
the powerful basics of your word that if we do not speak life that death on this
planet will just start to push at us that we must declare our destinations we
must declare the promises because even the angelic forces are listening for the
spoken word father I pray right now steerage
person up and father I declare that they would begin to speak it to declare it
and I pray that this is going to be the greatest year of being led by the spirit
blessed by the spirit and walking in the freedom of God they have ever had I pray
this in the mighty name of Jesus and everybody in agreement said a man and a

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