Computer Science and Media – Einblicke in den Masterstudiengang an der HdM

Computer Science and Media  – Einblicke in den Masterstudiengang an der HdM

Computer Science and Media Why are you studying Computer Science and Media? I already did my bachelor’s degree at the Hochschule der Medien, that’s why I already knew the HdM and what finally convinced me was the new Machine Learning focus, because I want to focus more on Machine Learning Which skills do you need for this course of study? Surprisingly, you don’t have to be able to program very well for many subjects especially the compulsory subjects are for example project management and otherwise you just need an interest in technology and interactive media in general or in usability you can do a lot and then, if you really want it to be more technology-oriented, there are also possibilities for it What do you like best about your course of study? What I like most about my course of studies is the practical approach especially in the field of artificial intelligence, we just have a very cool project in the field of autonomous driving and it’s a lot of fun to just sit down with your fellow students and just suffer together until the whole thing works What challenges does the course of study bring with it? At the beginning of the semester definitely the choose of your subject, simply because there are so many possibilities and because there are so many practical projects in which you work with groups, time management and group work in general can be a challenge What are the prospects after graduation? Of course you will be prepared to get started in the company or in industry right away but of course also in research, especially for a doctorate

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