(upbeat piano music) – It’s really awesome that even though I’m an undergraduate, I can do some cutting-edge level
neuroscience research. AJ and Michelle are awesome. I feel pretty honored because my project is really combining the major focuses of both AJ’s lab, as his lab is focused on learning and memory and the hippocampus and on drug addiction, and Michelle’s lab,
which is really focused on this SGK1 protein. So I’ve been able to
work with both of them. And double the mentors, double the experience. – The most exciting aspect of the research that I carry out is the novel aspect of it. So, essentially in the classroom, we do experiments that have been done before by somebody else. However, in the research lab, the things that I’m doing, while it’s techniques that other people have done, the idea of the experiments and what we’re actually trying to discover is something that no one has done before. So that novel concept to it, really actually trying
to discover something as opposed to just knowing what your results are going to be, that’s the most exciting part for me. – I think that what is the best thing about being a Dean’s Research Scholar, in terms of passion, is just being able to talk to other people about your research. Because it is something that you’re already so passionate about, and then just getting to
share it with other people is a really amazing thing. Especially people who are alumni of MSU and so they care about the university just as much as you do and
want to learn about it. So that’s a really cool aspect of the Dean’s Research Scholars. – I think that the most exciting part of the research that I’m doing is the fact that I’ve
been doing this research for probably two and a half years, now. So each time I make a new discovery, it’s as if this is part
of discovering myself. With me being an African-American woman, it was really difficult because often I didn’t see role models
that mimicked my skin color. So being able to be the face of the college of natural science
has really helped me because my goal has always been to be able to show people that African-American women are capable of being great within science. I really am grateful for having this opportunity to be able to do that. (dramatic music) – Making a difference: it’s in my, – My, – My, – My DNA. (high pitched noise) (dramatic music)


  • August 29, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    MSU's Natural Science department offers terrific research opportunities for interested students. That experience is invaluable, both to the student's education and their future career. I have personally benefited from my exposure to research at Michigan State back in the 1980's.


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