Christopher O’Sullivan for Cork South West – Vote Number One

Hi! My name is Christopher O’Sullivan. I’m
the current Mayor of County Cork and I’m also a candidate in this general
election 2020 because I want to represent the people of West Cork and
the issues that are important to them. Housing! Housing is a huge crisis that
affects.. it’s not just a Dublin issue, it’s not just a Cork City issue, it’s a
huge issue down here in Cork South West. The government, this government, have
promised housing scheme after housing scheme and yet we have not seen them being delivered. I want to get in there. I want to introduce policy that will fast-track
the delivery of social housing so finally, we can take people off the
streets. There are over 300 people homeless in West Cork, a place that’s
supposed to be free of this type of issue but it’s not. It’s an issue down
here as well so we need to get in there, change policy, and address that and I
believe I have the energy. I have the experience and I have the will to do
that so I’m looking for a chance that I’m looking for your vote on the 8th of

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