Can You Solve These Logic Riddles?

– Yes! I’m gonna look smart in this video. (lighthearted music) You’ve been bullied into
running a 10K with your friends. Horrible friends. – That’s the first problem.
You give in to peer pressure. – You’re on the home
stretch and you want to die. – Accurately how I would run a 10K. – But with one last burst of energy, you successfully pass the
person in 107th position. – What position did you finish in? (energetic music) – No.
(laughs) – This seems like a trick question, right? – The last person you pass was 107? – That means I did one better than them. – 106.
(buzzer sounds) – Oh, you’re 107.
(bell dings) – ‘Cause you were 108th. You pass them, now you’re
107th. Now they’re 108th. Though, at that point,
does it really matter? – Oh, that’s so dumb! Of course! – God (bleep). – They’re tricky, tricky
questions. I got it. I’m gonna have to pay more attention. – Drake lies on Twitter on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. – But tells the truth every other day. – Meek Mill lies on Twitter on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. – But tells the truth every other day. – Drake tweets, “Yesterday I was lying.” – Meek Mill tweets a response, “So was I.” – Which day of the week did
they have this conversation? – [Voiceover] Let’s review. Drake lies on Twitter on Mondays,
Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Meek Mill lies on
Twitter on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If both of them tweet
that they lied yesterday, what day are they tweeting? Here’s a hint. Always question whether they’re
telling the truth or a lie. – This I’m gonna need scratch paper for. – So now I’m trying to see if
there’s any days that overlap that they are lying, and
from my initial reaction, it doesn’t look like they are. – Well, that’s just, this
is gonna take me forever. – I don’t know. I’m just
gonna pick an answer. – They had this conversation on Friday. (buzzer sounds) – Sorry, internet. – They day they had this
conversation was Thursday. (bell dings) – The answer is Thursday, and
NIcki should just date Drake. – On Thursday, Drake’s being truthful. He says, “Yesterday I was lying.” Meek Mill says, “Oh yeah, man, me too,” but he’s lying today. – Oh, my God! That’s so messed up. Turns out I lie on Mondays
and what I really meant was, I won. (dramatic music) But wait, hold on. What if I
started in the 107th position?

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