Berkeley Lab: Bringing Science Solutions to the World

Is it possible to make fuels from sunlight? Can we stop breast cancer in its tracks? Save consumers billions of dollars in energy costs? At Berkeley Lab, finding answers to the toughest questions is why we come to work every day. Our science paved the way for medical imaging devices like MRI machines and PET scanners. We added 16 elements on the periodic
table, helped to develop energy-saving windows, discovered the accelerating universe and won 13 Nobel prizes. Scientists from
around the globe use our powerful supercomputers to do everything from develop new materials to
predict the earth’s climate. We are working to create affordable
batteries that enable electric vehicles to go 300 miles on a single charge. Berkeley Lab scientists have even
created a solar-powered vaccine refrigerator that could help save countless lives in the
developing world. Public service has been part of our DNA
for more than 80 years. As a Department of Energy national
laboratory – our science is open, ingenious, and humanitarian. It is done for you and belongs to you. The challenges now facing us in energy, health and the environment won’t wait. Neither will we. Our science – your science – will lead us to solutions we can’t even imagine. Berkeley Lab. Bringing science solutions to the world.

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