Basic Linear Algebra Prof I K Rana Introduction

Basic Linear Algebra Prof  I K Rana Introduction

I am professor Inder Kumar Rana. I am from the departments of mathematics. I will be taking you through a brief introduction
to the course Linear Algebra which is going to be offered on this NPTEL MOOCs. Basically, Linear Algebra has 2 aspects, one
is static and other is dynamic. In the static aspect one studies the notion
of vector spaces, the notion of a base is and so on. In the dynamic aspect of the subject one studies
the concept of linear transformations. The notion of matrix is an important tool
in analyzing the system of linear equations and many other concepts in Linear Algebra. In fact, matrices help to do Linear Algebra
on computers. So, let me give you a brief applications of
the topic Linear Algebra. For example, partial fractions which you might
have done in school, like take an example of such a fraction 2x plus 1 divided by X
square into X plus 1 and you want to write it into partial fraction, and you get this
answer. There is a definite algorithm which works
for such kind of things. Have you wondered why this algorithm works? It is because of Linear Algebra. More applications of Linear Algebra are the
study of differential equations in fourier series and fourier analysis and functional
analysis and so on. In Linear Algebra also finds applications
in almost all branches of sciences and engineering. For example, there is a topic called computer
graphics which is very widely used topic in computer science which involves the notion
of visualization, the notion of animation and so on. All these are possible using Linear Algebra,
so in this course we will study not only the theoretical aspects of Linear Algebra, but
also we will study the applications of this topic. Basically, this topic is taught at B.Tech
level at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and it is a half a semester course and introducing
basic Linear Algebra concepts to the B.Tech students, so they go their respective branches,
they are able to use the concepts effectively. So, I hope you all will enjoy this course
and benefit from me. Thank you very much!

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