amazing science facts 2020 || interesting science facts || unknown facts || tell me why

amazing science facts 2020 || interesting science facts || unknown facts || tell me why

why do chameleons change color why
zebras are stripped why piranhas are dangerous Do animals treat their wounds
why honey combs are hexagonal in this video I will explain you this
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DAVINCI and welcome to curio science YouTube channel why do chameleons change color if you’re
patient and watch a chameleon for some time you may be lucky enough to see a
changing colors different chameleons species are able to change their colors
many people believe chameleons change colors to help their to disguise
themselves and hide from predators however chameleons are very fast and can
avoid most predators sight of a chameleon changing quite easily because
they have 180 degrees viewing angle scientists believe that chameleons
change color to reflect their moods by doing so they send signals to other
chameleons for example darker colors tend to mean
the chameleon is angry some chameleons also bodies adjust to changes in
temperature and/or like dot whatever the reason the color is truly fascinating
why is the zebra striped zebras live in grasslands the way the grass with a
zebras coat blend on it this makes it difficult to spot an enemy
it is true that the zebra stripes are black and white while the grass is green
or yellow however the Zebras biggest enemy is the lion which is a color blond
if the zebra stands perfectly still aligned will not be able to make it out
there zebras usually travel in groups when a
zebra is a group of travelers its stripes merge with others of the stripes
creating confusion in a lions mind the lion sees a strip of wavy masses and
doesn’t know which animal to attack so it will charge blindly giving the Zebras
an opportunity to scatter and flee away. do animals treat their wounds? animals do
treat their wounds but not by going to a hospital many animals have their own
methods of treating wounds licking their own wounds is the most effective of them
licking is highly beneficial because animal saliva is very effective in
killing germs it also heals wounded tissues
besides licking wounds some animals medicate themselves too
one good example is the Anubis baboon which eats fruits and leaves to control
the disease called schistosomiasis and this disease affects the intestine
likewise bears roll into clay to treat their own skin.
why are Piranha is dangerous ? piranhas are small fish that live in the rivers of
South America they are very dangerous they have very strong sharp pointed
teeth that can make a hook through silver
their jawbone is so strong that it can crush a human hand in five to ten
seconds piranhas are cannibals they eat their own species they will attack and
eat other piranhas when other meat sources are not available piranhas
attack as a group and can finish off the human body in seconds. why are honey combs
hexagonal honey bees live and store honey and honey codes honey combs are
made of bees wax which are made by the beat however to produce one ounce of
beeswax but Bee has to drink eight ounces of honey therefore when they are
building a honeycomb they want it as much as it has in store honey as
possible without wasting any space the maximum amount of honey can be stored in
a cell that has six sizes the honey comb of each cell what is amazing is how bees
are able to create a perfect hexagon every time recent studies have shown
that the cells actually start off as circles molded by the shape of the bee’s
body and then into the flow into a hexagonal pattern seconds later

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