Adding Integers Using Algebra Tiles

Adding Integers Using Algebra Tiles

>>Welcome to adding
integers using algebra tiles. Using algebra tiles
is a nice way to get an intuitive feel
for adding integers. When using algebra tiles
we’ll view a blue square as a positive 1, and a red
square as a negative 1. So we need to be
able to understand that if we group a positive
1 and a negative 1 together, the result would be 0. Once we’re ok with
this idea we’ll be able to add integers using
algebra tiles. Let’s try some. Let’s start with one that
we already know how to do, 2 plus 6, we know is equal to 8. But if we wanted to model
this using algebra tiles, this would be the
model for positive 6, and so the sum would be a
total of 8 positive 1s or 8. Now if we want to
consider 5 plus negative 7, positive 5 would consist
of 5 blue squares, and negative 7 would
consist of 7 red squares. And again, the idea here
is that if we combine 1 red and 1 blue square the
result would be 0. So these 2 would be 0, these 2
would be 0, these 2 would be 0, these 2 would be 0,
and these 2 would be 0. So the end result
is 2 red squares, which means our sum
would be negative 2. Notice since negative 7
results in more red squares, the end result is negative. Here we have negative 2 plus 4, 2 red squares would
be negative 2, 4 blue squares would
be positive 4. So if we combine these,
or sum them, this red and this blue would be 0, this
red and this blue would be 0, and the result would
be 2 blue squares, which would be positive 2. Negative 2 plus 4 is
equal to positive 2. Let’s go ahead and try one more. Here we have negative
3 plus negative 4. Here we have 3 red
squares for negative 3, here we have 4 red squares for
negative 4, if we combine these, notice we have a total
of 7 red squares, which is the model
for negative 7. Negative 3 plus negative
4 is equal to negative 7. That will do it for this video, I hope you found these
illustrations helpful.

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